Stop Slouching with the Upright Wearable


Are you slouching at work? Having a back pain from working on a computer or looking down on your smartphone the whole day? If not, you might suffer from back pain in the future, if you don’t pay attention to your posture. (I’m slouching right now, as I type, and I know it causes me pain later on. Let’s fix that.)

Upright Technologies is a startup from Israel and they are building the Upright devices. Their solutions aim to help you improving your posture and ultimately prevent back pain and other problems.

After running successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Upright could test the market for demand of their posture correction gadgets. Let’s have a look at their portfolio. (Ah man, am I slouching again? Let’s fix that.)

Upright Go

Upright Go is their latest device. It’s slightly smaller than the Pro version and is meant for you to wear it throughout your whole day. You simply stick it on your back, give it a tap and you’re ready. If you now slouch, the device will notify you about it with a gentle vibration. Its battery lasts for about two days.

UPRIGHT GO - Product 04 Close up photo shot angle mini usb

They also provide you with a companion app, which monitors your posture data and helps you to better spot behavioral changes over time. Making use of this training and tracking exercise, they project users to get a better posture in 2-3 weeks. Upright Go will be available in Summer 2017 for $79.

Upright Pro

This version is slightly larger but not by much. While the Go version is meant to be used for the upper back, Pro can also be applied to your lower back and the shoulders.  It also has more sensors than the Upright Go and needs to be calibrated. The battery on the Pro version lasts about eight days.

The Pro option is meant to be used for dedicated posture training sessions and is not meant to be worn all day long. However, it also comes with the companion app that acts as your personal trainer and posture coach. All that effort, to be more healthy and feel better without back pains. Upright Pro is available for purchase at $129.95.

Upright in action

Cid Carver, Head of Marketing, was kind enough to explain their solution with her own words. Please find the video below, along with a small clip about the wearable in action.

Have you been slouching while you’ve been reading this article? (I’m slouching again!) Perhaps you should give this a shot. What do you think? Drop us a comment below!

YouTube: Fix Your Slouching with this Wearable

Photo credit: Upright Technologies

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