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Meet Spyce, the Bacteria Killing Apron by OURA

Are you a cooking aficionado? A professional chef, perhaps? Something in between? If you enjoy preparing food, you might be interested in the new Spyce apron by OURA, which packs a few exciting and innovative features as well.

You might recall OURA from their previous products, such as the antibacterial headwear. That one is not only pretty stylish but also kills bacteria next to protecting you from the sun. Now they are extending their product portfolio and designed an apron with similar features.

The Spyce apron fights for hygiene in the kitchen

That being said, one of the main features of Spyce is to self-clean and therewith preventing foodborne illness through cross-contamination and the likes. As a rather clumsy chef, I loved how the Spyce material lets liquids just flow off. You can’t get any stains because of the repellent attributes included.


The design of the Spyce apron is made to fit a variety of different body types, and it’s quite comfortable to wear. My personal preference would be a holder that’s tied around the back. But the neck holder used in this design is at least not clunky and holds no metal parts that would irritate your neck in any way. It even comes with a small pocket so you can keep something with you. I don’t know about you, but I used it to carry my smartphone with me a few times. Very useful! Clearly, their focus with this is to enable cooks to fight bacteria more effectively and not to offer a commodity for a dumping price.

Who’s this apron for? What does it cost?

I know you also want the facts and figures, so here goes. The standard adult size Spyce apron has an MSRP of $138, but it currently can be bought on their Indiegogo site for 28% off. It’s clear to everyone that this is more than an average apron would cost, but with Spyce you get handcrafted quality, and it’s made in Los Angeles.

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If I may quote their statements from their website: “Germs that cause food poisoning can easily contaminate kitchen surfaces. Aprons are no different. Infrequently washed aprons quickly become incubators for bacteria, resulting in cross-contamination throughout the kitchen and your food. To help fix this problem, Spyce aprons are self-cleaning and antibacterial. They’ve been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of germs in the kitchen.”


There are 38 million cases of foodborne illness in the US per year (CDC estimate), and Spyce helps to kill 99% of bacteria known. Now, this is the reason why you not only need a good design but high-tech R&D as well to build the materials that can provide this. It’s not a cheap product, but it certainly has its market, and it makes sense to me.

What do you think about the Spyce apron? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure to visit their website as well if you’d like to get more details on their products.

YouTube: Less Bacteria in the Kitchen with Spyce Apron

Photo credit: All materials shown are owned by OURA and have been provided as part of a press kit.
Editorial notice: We have received a press testing unit which the author tried out before writing this article.

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