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Manage Your Micro-Sites with Singlelink

The open-source software market is sprawling with many great new ideas. Popular open-source platforms such as Calendso, EasyStock, and Snyk are already used by businesses and customers alike. From designing easy-to-read privacy policies to managing the company’s inventory to even playing piano, open-source is becoming a trend in the market.

When it comes to micro-sites, open-sourcing really helps. A micro-site is either an individual web page or a combination of many web pages that function under a single brand. However, maintaining several web pages all at once can be a lot of work which is why Neutron Creative Inc. created a micro-site platform called Singlelink.

The platform follows a C2B business model, where the consumers deliver value to businesses and not the opposite. The purpose of Singlelink is to connect businesses and consumers in an easy and user-friendly way.  

Going online

After creating an account with Singlelink, you will be directed to a dashboard with the domain name of your choice. The webpage or the dashboard will be your profile. You can add links to your work such as an article, a product, or anything of value in the dashboard. This includes a Monaco text editor for writing HTML and CSS codes, a no-code CSS builder to customize your page, and an option for integrated QR codes. The themes and other display options are also easily customizable.

Singlelink will make your links look like buttons that just require a single click from the visitor. As more and more visitors start viewing your work, the analytics section of the dashboard will start calculating parameters such as the number of clicks and clickthrough rates.

Neutron Creative believes that the closed-source model “decentivizes innovation and blemishes the overall consumer-business relationship with [its] lack of transparency” which is why they created Singlelink. Currently, you can start your own account for free. However, if you want access to more features, the Pro feature costs $8 per month. Meanwhile, the Enterprise account will require you to speak with their sales team first before purchasing a subscription.

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