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Simulacra 2: The Return Of A “Found Phone” Horror Game

For those that love both horror games, the original Simulacra is a must-play. Created by Kaigan Games and Another Indie, Simulacra has won multiple awards. It also defined the “found phone” genre, a mobile version of the popular “found footage” movie genre.

Now, Simulacra 2 is here to continue the compelling story started by its predecessor. Here is everything you need to know about the recently released Simulacra 2.

Combining horror and puzzle gaming

In the game, you are a journalist trying to investigate the death of Maya Crane, a popular social media influencer. The player must go through Maya’s phone to see what went on behind the scenes up until her unusual death.

Simulacra 2

Using Maya’s phone, you go through her messages and interrogate her influencer friends. But, there seems to be a supernatural force involved in Maya’s death, and it is up to the player to uncover the truth about her passing.

The gameplay of Simulacra 2 combines both interactive puzzle features and horror elements to create a unique experience. The puzzles make players feel as if they are really investigating and using their detective skills.

As the player hacks through and investigates Maya’s phone, it is clear how much effort is put into every element of the game. The layout of the game looks like a real person’s smartphone. The player can go through intricate faux versions of Facebook, Instagram, etc. that have realistic posts from Maya and other characters.

Simulacra 2

The game also boasts a larger live-action cast than the first game to enhance immersion. Eight total endings are available in Simulacra 2.

About the creators

Kaigan Games is an indie gaming studio based out of Malaysia. They focus on mobile horror games like the Simulacra series, which has won them both awards and astounding reviews. This game was also made in partnership with Another Indie, a studio based out of Taipei, Taiwan.

Simulacra 2 released on January 30th, 2020 for Steam. If you want to experience the first game, it’s also available in both Steam and GOG. It is also available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

YouTube: Trailer – SIMULACRA 2

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