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Agony: A Horror Game That Lives up to Its Name

“Agony shows the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming. Explore the lake of fire with visually stunning graphics and take an ultimate trip into madness of horror.”

Agony definitely seems to be worth checking into. You play as someone who can possess a few characters and make your way through hell. You have no memory of your life and try your best to find the answer deep within the Lake of Fire.

The design of the characters is unique and will definitely give you nightmares. Everything you see is made of flesh, blood, and bones. It is a terrifyingly creative game. I also discovered an inside joke with its Kickstarter goal of $66,666 because “666” is widely known as the devil’s number—but maybe it’s just me.


Horror games today have been a little out of way, especially the survival ones. Sure, they are scary, but they lack the art and thought put into Agony. This will pain you mentally not just by the horrifying images but also by the thrilling soundtrack and sound effects.

Their play-through videos have already received more than 300,000 views and still gaining more by the day. Playway and Madmind studio did an awesome partnership to develop this game and you can be part of its development too!

If you pledge $370 or more you get all the other rewards from lower tiers but get to have a short note written on the walls in single player mode. But with $893 they will turn your face into one of the moving faces in one of the chambers.

Although my favorite of all is the $1,000 tier where you send your concept art or description and they will turn it into a full 3D model which they will include in the game! Now if these offers aren’t good I don’t what is.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think about this cool new way to horrify yourself in the comments down below.

YouTube: Agony Official Extended Trailer

Photo credit: Madmind Studio / PlayWay

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