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FinTech ‘Pallo’ Wants to Change How You Do Accounting and Tax

There are many aspects in tracking finances correctly or doing the accounting which can be a complicated task to do. Now, you don’t have to worry because Pallo has got you covered.

Pallo guarantees that you can instantly manage all your money in just a single spot and can even simplify your whole financial life with it. In addition, measuring and tracking your financial health, classifying expenses, and finding out what you can claim are simplified thanks to the app.

Your modern-day accountant

Pallo is designed to incorporate all things concerning accounting and is marketed especially to freelancers who need to keep track of their business. This ranges from overseeing costs and invoices, interacting with tax professionals and accountants, and managing bank accounts. This is all done through AI as it helps auto-match receipts to transactions; all you need to do is take a picture of the receipt and confirm. You can also enjoy limitless guide offers, including adding unlimited personal and business accounts to the app.

You can store all your finances in Pallo. Managing your debit and credit cards can be incorporated into the app. From there, you can create, schedule, and manage your payments. It can also help you in handling your taxes and organizing all of your transactions. Whether it’s a 90-cent bagel or a $30,000 car, your expenses are logged and revenue is accounted for. There’s no need for complicated paperwork and filing.

Additionally, you can set an objective for your day and beat them. You can do it by measuring your financial health with Pallo. Set goals, and let the app help you beat them.

An assistant that never sleeps

Pallo can be used as an assistant, an accountant, and a financial planner that is always accessible 24/7. Let the app know what you desire to do, and it will do it. It can also help you reach out to a professional or get advice right at your fingertips.

You can now bid goodbye to bad debts expense as you can now track your receivables immediately and get paid faster. Ask Pallo who owes you and it will create an invoice for them automatically. The app can even send reminders to those who have yet to pay their invoices for you.

Pallo is made to keep track of real-time transaction notifications and brilliant insights to keep you in control of your finances. If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t worry; the app guarantees to never trade, sell, and leak your personal information to protect your privacy. You can rest assured that all user data is encrypted and secluded with multi-level permission checks.

Right now, Pallo has a free 1-month trial to use for those who are interested. All you need to do is provide your email address to start your free trial. You can also get a second month free if you invite a friend to use the app as well.

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