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Hazel Sky: Exploring Your Desires and Destiny

Destiny and desire are two different things that are unlikely to be aligned, especially in a world divided between entitled engineers and condemned artists. Even in this case, our hero in this game, Shane, tries to find a place where he could fit in.

Brazilian developer Coffee Addict Studio and the Taiwan-based publisher, Another Indie brings us the world of Hazel Sky. This heart-capturing adventure game shows how needs and wants impossibly intertwine with each other.

Hazel Sky

An engineer’s pathway

The story is about Shane who dreams to become an engineer. He would need to pass the test every engineer must take before taking up the title and achieving his goals. He gets sent to the City of Gideon for the exam. If he doesn’t pass, he faces a punishment of being sent away to another place.

To pass the tests, Shane will have to fix all kind of ramshackle flying machines while exexploring a mesmerizing yet puzzling world. Thankfully, he will have a fellow trainee engineer to accompany him on this journey.

Hazel Sky

The adventure gives you obstacles that include repairing and building unbelievable flying machines. From there, your character explores the world and follows the steps of those who came before him to discover his destiny. Here, he learns and explores the world that eventually reveals the hidden truths and mystery into the people of Gideon.

If you were lucky enough to visit PAX East this year, Hazel Sky was made playable for the first time ever at the Another Indie Booth. However, if you weren’t there and you’re raring to try this game out, no need to worry. You can experience this peaceful game that explores a serene, beautiful world sooner than you realize. Hazel Sky is set to be launched this year for PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.

YouTube: Hazel Sky – Announcement Trailer

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