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Silicon Valley: The Show about a Tech Startup You’ll Love

Silicon Valley is an HBO series about a software developer, who first works for a large tech company, but then splits to pursue his own ideas and founds a startup organization. The show is rather funny, so expect to be entertained with a stunning story, paired with some good laughs.

The series was first aired in 2014, and they are currently working on a fourth season. I try not to spoil too much with my review, and that’s why I won’t call names or evaluate in-depth story developments.

Along his journey, the startup founder goes through all classic stages of a Silicon Valley company. He gathers a team, they go through an incubator, attract interest from VCs, they scale up, change their flagship product, and go through legal troubles. One deadline after another. Blood, sweat, and Mountain Dew!

I have been in San Jose, the heart of “Silicon Valley” only one time thus far, but I felt that the show could capture a good portion of the feeling from this special location in California. The story is believable, and there are quite a few cliffhangers that make you go yell “OMG, whaaaaat?!” Yes, I actually did that at the end of a few episodes.


The characters in the story are all really well designed and portrayed by great actors as well. Sometimes you might feel like a particular character is overdoing his act, but considering the series being placed in the genre “Comedy,” this is not only acceptable but desirable. It’s has elements of a parody and shouldn’t be criticized too much for that aspect.

My first impression of the show wasn’t very good, but I received enough recommendations to actually watch a few episodes and to be honest, I think that by the time you completed the second episode, you’ll already be addicted to Silicon Valley and go binge-watching.

I think if you’re even remotely finding yourself in those characters, you’ll truly feel their pain and stress at times. I certainly did. But even if you’re no geek and tech developer, you’ll learn to feel with this adorable bunch of people.

Hey come on, babe. Follow me. I’m the Pied Piper.

YouTube: Silicon Valley Season 1: Trailer (HBO)

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