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SHERP: Amphibian Trucks Built for Any Terrain

SHERP is a Ukrainian company that’s known in the market as a manufacturer of amphibious and all-terrain vehicles. Its goal is to achieve diverse technology while helping clients from a wide range of industries that deal with extreme environments such as fishermen and rescue agents.

Some companies have created vehicles to withstand rides on rough terrains, but SHERP vehicles are specifically designed for it and more. They are easily distinguished by their large wheels that can be inflated and deflated through their onboard system. This allows the vehicle to maneuver through the water, cross brushwoods, and climb up on thin ice. Currently, the company has four vehicles in its lineup, so let’s take a look at each.

SHERP N 1200


The SHERP N 1200 is developed to tackle the cruelest environmental conditions. The design of this vehicle can easily overcome fallen trees, large rocks, and other obstacles that are 1m (3 ft) high.

Despite the ruggedness of the vehicle, the SHERP N 1200 does not skimp on comfortability. The company has redesigned the seats and has improved the vehicle’s interior ergonomics for ease and comfort as drivers go through rough terrains. This all-rounder also has an eco-friendly engine and adjustable tire pressures.

SHERP the Ark 3400

SHERP the Ark 3400 Truck

SHERP the Ark 3400 consists of two linked parts that work as a single unit. It is perfect for transporting cargo, fuel, water, or any other liquid to secluded and remote areas. It can also be utilized as a medical vehicle, cargo trailer, hauler, tanker, and transport unit for teams, crews, or even passengers. Apart from that, this can also be converted into a mobile home. There are so many ways to convert this vehicle depending on the imagination of the customer.



Just like the N 1200, this vehicle can easily tackle obstacles perfectly. The main difference between the SHERP PRO 1000 and the N 1200 is the size. This vehicle can carry only six passengers compared to the N 1200 which has more room to carry a total of nine. However, don’t let its rather compact size fool you. Despite it being relatively smaller, this vehicle actually has the same features as the N 1200.

SHERP the Shuttle


Finally, we have SHERP the Shuttle. You might think that at first glance, this is a cargo boat. Technically speaking, it is a cargo boat but is designed specifically to carry vehicles. It can dispatch two all-terrain vehicles in case of emergencies that need a rapid response. This vehicle is designed to easily deploy and recover all-terrain vehicles in any form of environment, making it the perfect vehicle for rescue teams.

YouTube: SHERP is equally great in water and on land

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