Is the Audi AI:Trail The Off-Road Vehicle of the Future?


Autonomous driving systems have been a futuristic awe-inspiring feature in cars. Style and speed have already been perfected by numerous brands, and now, self-driving cars have the greatest wow-factor. Brands like Tesla have managed to create a near-perfect AI system that can drive a car by itself without instructions from a human driver.

However, Tesla vehicles can only drive on paved road surfaces with clear markings. Meanwhile, Audi has also been getting into the autonomous vehicle market with its range of Audi AI vehicles. The Audi AI:RaceAI:Con and AI:Me show that this German car manufacturer can pull off autonomous driving systems and all-electric powertrains in cars for almost any kind of lifestyle. And the latest addition to the family of Audi’s autonomous cars is the off-road capable Audi AI:Trail.


The Audi AI:Trail definitely has a unique design compared to other 4×4 off-road vehicles. It has a massive panoramic glass cabin that sits on top of a high durability suspension system and large off-road wheels. The “headlights” are just typical daylights and the back has a long red strip of lighting with the Audi logo.

Strong tempered glass surrounds most of the body, allowing passengers a panoramic view of their surroundings. Of course, this also protects passengers from the dangers of the environment. The car definitely has a futuristic look to it that it will surely be a head-turner.


For the interior, Audi has chosen to go with a style that matches the outdoor environment in the car. However, they were also able to maintain the luxurious qualities that are known of Audi.

The handles use a material similar to climbing gear for a better grip. Meanwhile, the interior has natural materials such as wood, wool, and leather laced on it. The interior is spacious enough for 4 passengers to sit comfortably. True to its outdoor theme, you can also attach camping equipment to several locations within the body of the car.


There are a few prototypes made, but the car is still a concept. According to Audi, this all-electric off-roader will have 429 horsepower. This is possible thanks to the 4 electric motors powering each wheel of the car.

The battery pack will be under the car, lowering the center of gravity and giving the car more grip when cornering. Audi says that the battery will allow for the car to go 250-310 miles between charges on smooth roads and 155 miles on more challenging surfaces. This off-road car also has a top speed at a modest 80 mph.

Drones in the sky

Audi has gone for a unique way when it comes to the car’s lighting. Instead of the traditional high beam headlamps, the car will have 5 electrically operated pathfinding drones with LED lighting elements to guide the car along its route. Audi calls the drones Light Pathfinders since they also replace traditional headlights on the concept.

They can land on the roof for docking and charging, but their true function is to act as scouts and lighting for the AI:Trail. Aside from that, there is also the possibility to use them for surveying locations and streaming videos to devices via Wi-Fi.

The Audi AI:Trail is definitely a jaw-dropping spectacle. According to Audi, there was no compromise in creating this for the sole purpose of off-roading and going on rough terrain. It comes with all the futuristic gimmicks in the previous AI cars and also has a smart wheel pressure control system and suspension. Unfortunately, limited information is available on the specifications of the car but knowing Audi, it is safe to assume that this car will deliver an extraordinary driving and off-roading experience.

YouTube: Meet Audi AI Trail Quattro [Concept Vehicle With Headlight Drones]

Photo credits: All images used are owned by Audi and were provided for press usage.

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Rafio Shazzad
Rafio Shazzad
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