Seriously Fat Sound with the Porsche Muffler-Speaker


Where are you Porsche lovers out there? We stumbled across some really cool product by Porsche Design today and wanted to show it to you. The 911 Soundbar by Porsche Design is a speaker system made out of a Porsche 911 GT3 muffler, made in Germany.

The model 911 by Porsche sure is an iconic supercar with a lovely engine sound, but how will this component do when playing actual music through the 911 Soundbar? The original rear silencer and twin exhaust is made to withstand great physical demand and therefore also an interesting choice to turn it into a speaker with awesome sound.

You think you wouldn’t like to have a dirty, smelly and used car component in your living room? No worries, these little babies never got installed on cars, despite the fact that they come of the same factory as the ones that go onto the cars.

“A max 99 decibels of tunes, rather than fumes, blast out of the tail pipes.”
– Moti Ankari

Features and specs

  • 2.1 virtual surround system
  • Bluetooth interface with easy-pairing function
  • Wireless, loss-free audio transmission due to aptX technology
  • Bass and treble control
  • Dolby digital decoder
  • DTS TruSurround virtual surround signal processing
  • LED display
  • Virtual surround and stereo sound
  • Lip sync function for precise voice synchronisation
  • Remote control
  • 200 watt system output
  • Analogue input (cinch)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 radio interface (aptX decoding)
  • 2 digital inputs (coaxial and optical)
  • Subwoofer output
  • approx. 74 cm x 28 cm x 32 cm, approx. 19 kg


This is definitely considered to be a luxury article for fans of the brand or general automotive geeks and with its 19 kg (or 42 pounds) the 911 Soundbar from Porsche Design will certainly give you a fat and heavy sound. The 911 Soundbar is available since March 2016 for $3500 on the Porsche Design online shop. Porsche Design declares these as “For Men”, but I see no reason why female car enthusiasts wouldn’t also love the 911 Soundbar. Check them out!

You’re interested in car-themed designs but don’t want to pay so much for an Porsche Design original? Check out the upcycled tire speakers from Japan for $776.

YouTube: The Sound of the Racetrack. The Porsche Design 911 Soundbar.

Photo credit: Porsche Design
Source: Moti Ankari (Bloomberg)
Editorial notice: The feature list has been provided by Porsche Design.

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