Flic Twist: Simplifying the Control of Smart Home Devices for Everyone


In the last two decades, technology has advanced quicker than it had been fifty years ago. There are more technological devices readily available and people make use of them on a daily basis. Due to this, many companies have created smart home devices to improve people’s quality of living through tech.

Shortcut Labs is one of those companies that focused on designing new devices to use specifically at home like the Smart Button, a device designed to use for smart home control. Recently, they’ve added a new smart device to their product lineup that can easily control your smart devices at home: Flic Twist.

Flic Twist
Image: Shortcut Labs

Turning the control to everyone at home

One of the most common problems presented with other smart devices was that not all members of the family can use them for different reasons, from struggling to remember voice commands to installing apps on everyone’s phone. The bigger issue lies in the idea of only one member of the house knowing how to control the smart devices, which can be problematic when other family members need to access certain things that need control.

With all those things in mind, Shortcut Labs designed a device that’s easy to use for everyone in the house with Flic Twist. The design is a combination between a wireless smart button and a dimmer-like dial. It was made to provide smart home control in a way that everyone understands without having to rely on voice control, installing apps, or explaining how everything works.

Flic Twist
Gif: Shortcut Labs via TechAcute


Flic Twist is both a button and a dimmer-like dial device, so you can either use it pushing the button, rotating the dial, or both at the same time to give you more complex functions and possibilities. While the button is easily helpful in triggering certain things like switching the lights on and off, the dial comes especially handy when modulating certain functions in a home such as lights, window blinds, music, and other controls.

One other function is the Push-Rotate interaction that allows for advanced use of the Flic Twist. For example, while rotating dims the lights in a specific room, Push-Rotate can dim the entire house.

Another good thing about Flic Twist is that is completely wireless, has replaceable batteries, and can be placed anywhere. It can be located on a table or mounted with a magnetic wall mount plate. It works without a need for cameras or microphones; you will only need an internet connection to make it work.


Like all Shortcut Labs’ products, Flic Twist supports devices from manufacturers like LIFX, Philips Hue, and Sonos. This was also added in the Connectivity Standard Alliance, meaning that all Flic devices will be compatible with the smart home standard Matter which will be launched in 2022.

As of this writing, Flic Twist is still available to order at Kickstarter which has less than a week left until the campaign closes. If you’re interested in ordering, it starts at €85 and is expected to ship out by June 2022.

YouTube: Flic Twist: The Wireless Dial for your Smart Home

Photo credits: The images and gif used are owned by Shortcut Labs and have been provided for press usage.

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