SendBird: More Than Just A Messenger


The advent of smartphones has led to an explosion of every kind of app there is. Just take a look at the different messaging apps that changed the way we communicate with each other. Moreover, they have evolved how businesses form relationships with their customers. 

In order to better stand out from the crowd, one must offer something not found in its competitors. SendBird fits this description in more ways than one.

What is SendBird and how is it different?

SendBird is actually an in-app messaging system focused on businesses that want a better relationship with their customers. This platform allows them to form a closer bond with them and the community through private messaging, group, and public chat rooms.

SendBird allows real-time updates through push notifications to customers. It facilitates the exchange of videos and structured messages using custom data. Business can also track the read status of messages sent to other users, as well as block spammers and other toxic users.

The app also allows potential and existing customers to talk to your chatbots that are registered as users. SendBird provides the connectors that allow clients to integrate their chatbots on their business platform.

Chatbots not only sends and receive messages this way, but also assist with customer support, product recommendations, and more. Users can file a ticket and communicate with customer support agents in real-time, increasing the overall satisfaction and agent productivity. 

To help your users and chatbots understand each other, SendBird has an auto-translation feature that can translate messages in over 50 languages. Files can be shared securely via an AES-256 encryption algorithm.

SendBird’s API allows you to monitor your DAU (daily active users), MAU (monthly active users), as well as concurrent connections increase. Not only that but you can backup and retrieve any data or message in any channel, in addition to migrating your existing data to SendBird’s platform.

More than chatting

Most companies that avail of this service include those that deal with bookings and deliveries, but so much more can be done. Chatting real time has become popular with gaming and live streaming, creating communities and cultivating friendships across the globe.

Interested? You can contact SendBird’s sales department or simply test the service out by sign up for a free trial.

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Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by William Iven. All other images shown are owned by SendBird and were provided for press usage.
Source: SendBird / SendBird guide

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