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See-Through Trucks? Samsung Says ‘Yes!’

samsung-group-logo-large-high-resolution-300x99We all know Samsung for home electronics and some even know the products of Samsung Heavy Industries or other departments (yeah, they also build whole ships, oil drilling rigs and military vehicles… I know, right… wow!). Today I stumbled over a very innovative solution on how Samsung display technologies could be utilized to safe lives with the ‘Samsung Safety Truck’ presented by Samsung Argentina.

If you are a car driver you might know the dangers of being behind a track in traffic. There are many accidents around the globe that involve risky maneuvers of inpatient drivers that wanted to get in front of a small truck – ending in grief injuries or even death. Samsung’s innovation heads had a very cool idea though to reduce such risk.

They are utilizing a wireless camera on the front of the truck and a  set of four huge display panels on the rear to give the person behind the truck an actual view ‘through the truck’. Having this deployed and in place, drivers are easily able to tell what’s happening in front of them and can prepare themselves accordingly.

One might say that such an approach would be encouraging the behaviour of inpatient and irresponsible driving, but is that really it? Is that a moral constraint why such a solution should not be deployed? I think that regardless of that, everything that enhances safety on the streets, in the traffic or elsewhere is great and worth aiming for. I greatly support this idea that could actually safe many lifes and consider this to be very meaningful in order to reduce the amount of accidents all over the world. Thank you, Samsung, and please make this happen!

What do you think about this idea? Do you support the idea or do you think it would encourage bad driving practices? I would say that traffic laws have to be always adhered to but such initiatives definitely don’t hurt anybody. Also, an accident can always involve an innocent third party. Even if this is done only to protect those people, it was still worth it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this below in the comments section.

YouTube: Samsung Safety Truck (English Version)

Photo credit: Samsung

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