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See 20 Years of Apple Products in Book Form

Apple-Logo-PNG-Official-Version-high-quality-large-press-kit-transparency-alpha-channel15-November, Cupertino – Apple has released the MacBook, now it has the BookBook. A coffee table tome in two sizes for those who want to worship at the throne of all things iPhone and Mac.

A perfect Christmas gift those deeply into their Apple gear, it covers two decades of the company’s design style, creative approach to materials and that simple is better aesthetic.

Covering some 20 years of the company’s legendary designs and innovations, starting with the bold all-on-one, brightly colored iMac to the latest Pencil, the book “Designed by Apple in California” will be available in Apple Stores this week. With lovingly snapped photos of each product, this might be considered tech porn for some, or just really weird by non-Apple fans.

 Available a small edition (10.20” x 12.75”) at $199, the larger “Pro” version is (13” x 16.25”), cost a whopping $299. While it is very light on text, letting the 450 specially taken photos do the talking, there’s a foreword by Jony Ive where he continues to beat out the Apple narrative of “We strive, with varying degrees of success, to define objects that appear effortless. Objects that appear so simple, coherent, and inevitable that there could be no rational alternative.”

The Minimalist Write Stuff

So, don’t expect great detail about Apple’s design processes, how they choose the materials they use or any anecdotes about meeting room bust ups. The book will be on sale in Apple’s online stores or you can pick one up in person from selected Apple Stores around the States, it will able be available in some of the major Apple overseas territories.

Will this encourage the likes of BlackBerry, Dell or IBM and others to wax nostalgic about their former glories? Certainly, there are plenty of less expensive ways to stop your coffee table from floating away, coffee books for retro computer and console games (like this one for Nintendo) are going to be big sellers this Christmas. Can’t get enough of the goodness? Have a look at Iconic for more photographic insights or check this article for a journey through time with Apple.

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Source: Apple press release

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