Pix: A Backpack for Pixel Art


In the age wherein we see a lot of conformism to certain standards and dress code, some seek to express themselves in any way they can. To some it’s a funky pair of shoes, to others it’s a tattoo under the business shirt, others might have a wee bit of color in their hairstyle. What other ways are there to express yourself? The startup company Pix has built a backpack with a programmable screen on the exterior, to show the world just what you like.

Shine with your design

The Pix backpack is quite the looker. No matter if you want to display a cool piece of pixel art on it or if you want to put up the time there, you can be sure that people will check you out. I believe the effect in daylight is fine but the sun reduces the wow a little bit. If you wear your Pix backpack at night, it will shine a lot more intensive and people will see it a lot better. You can connect your smartphone with your Pix backpack and use the companion app to create your own design or you can use another pre-made function. The screen is a matrix of panels with a resolution of 16x20px.


Even though you obviously have some tech built into the backpack, there are still about 27 liters of space for you to use which is only a little less than an average backpack. It still fits a 15″ laptop, a bottle, a notebook, and a couple of other things you need to carry around with you with a total of ten different compartments.

Cool, but a little pricey

You can buy the Pix backpack directly on their website or on Amazon. Currently, you can get the large version at $259 and the version that comes with a power-bank for $299. If you join their newsletter right now you can get a 5% discount on your order but that’s just a small incentive to those who intended to purchase anyway. I doubt that this will make a purchasing decision on the spot. I would consider buying the Pix backpack around $50-100, but I think that’s as high as I would go.

What do you think? Are you already in love with the Pix backpack? Are you fine with the pricing? Did you already buy it and want to share your opinion with us? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

YouTube: You’ve Never Seen A Backpack Do This…

Photo credit: All material shown is owned by Pix.
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