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Secucloud Offers Personal Cybersecurity in the Age of IoT

German cybersecurity startup Secucloud, hailing from Hamburg, has successfully completed their third crowdfunding seeding project in April. Their solutions are targeted to be used by consumers via ISP and telecommunication providing companies.

Their product, the Elastic Cloud Security System, or just ECS2, is an enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution in the cloud and is provided to users via their ISP or telecommunication carrier. The users will have an indirect relationship to Secucloud as it will most likely just appear like a feature of their service provider to them.

Secucloud is already working together with a series of major ICT and ISP companies such as O2, Deutsche Telekom, 1&1, Telkom, Mobyland, Orange, FairPoint, Telefonica, China Telecom, Debitel, and others. Of course they also offer control and management via app, whether that will be labeled by their distribution partners or not.

secucloud mobile security app

Some crowdfunders and VCs might now be wondering why there was the need for a third seeding. Secucloud says there was already a lot of successful events happening recently. For example they now have six times the revenue and 2.5m sold licences to four telecommunication providers and staff increased from 10 to 24. Next to crowdfunded personal investors the startup is also backed by Heilemann Ventures, known from DailyDeal, and Dr. Cornelius Boersch, Partner at Mountain Partners.

Dennis Monner, Founder and CEO pf Secucloud said the following in an interview with Seedmatch, their crowdfunding partner: “Of course everybody has a basic protection installed on their computers, but how to protect all the other devices, which go online, like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, IP cameras and others? With the Secucloud offering we deliver a sleek and affordable solution, by sourcing the IT security intelligence from a protected cloud environment. The technology leveraged here is enterprise-grade, so all devices are protected as good as possible.”

secucloud san world ecs2 map

To assess this from a VC point of view, the Secucloud solution is disruptive, it addresses a need in the market, it has already made good connections to major providers and has no competition with an equal product. Therefore it looks like a very interesting startup to keep your eyes on.

Photo credit: Secucloud
Editorial notice: The author is a stakeholder of SecuCloud. To keep the reporting objective, we waited to publish this until after the seeding and investment period has ended.

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