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Scanmarker: New Tool That Will Make Studying a Lot Easier

Whoever was once a student knows how hard it is when you have to actually read all those 400 pages books for just one exam, then to underline the most important sentences, type it into a smaller script and after all this work – start studying.

Unnecessarily you spend hours and hours of your precious time just to get prepared for studying. It’s not surprising why we are all sometimes procrastinators when it comes to that.

In all those spent hours, we have to read so many irrelevant contents and later to underline it for easier learning. Which results in rather annoying and rarely efficient learning process.

But what if you could transfer all relevant sentences in an online document on a matter of seconds?

Yes, all that valuable content from huge books can be right in front of you just with the special scanning pen that transfers text online. It is called – a Scanmarker.

Scanmaker is the handy tool that can summarize all the book content you desire without any typing process.

How does the Scanmarker work?

hand-scan-pen-marker-air-ocr-gadget-studyingScanmarker retypes text thirty times faster than a normal human being, from numbers to symbols which instantly appear in a computer app of your choice.

“This will shorten your study time in every case, and that will empower you to accomplish more,” says the inventor of this remarkable tool.

All you have to do is to slide across the text in the book. The magic behind this tool lies in its “revolutionary patented image processing technology.” Apparently,  Scanmarker doesn’t have any of the high cost and complicated mechanical components.

The logic behind it is rather simple: Text from your book is scanned and captured as a raw image processed to a high-quality image, ready for recognition by the OCR software.

Translation functions

Scanmaker can also translate 40 languages. That means you can use foreign books you need for studying and translate the text in no time.

Studying = relaxing

So grab a book and open your Word document or even Facebook, copied text will appear wherever you want.

YouTube: Scanmarker – The Incredible Digital Highlighter

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