What Is OCR and How to Extract Data from Images?


If you want to scrap or extract data from images, here are discussed the techniques that can help you scrap all kinds of data from an image along with the online tools. In the past, people used to extract data from images manually by writing it all down on paper or typing it on MS word. But today, the manual conversion technique has become outdated, and this is because it wastes a lot of your efforts and precious time. Plus, there is always a chance that we can misinterpret the data on an image or completely don’t understand it.

Today you don’t have to worry about extracting text from images, and this is because of the launch of OCR technology. The OCR software, which is also known as optical character recognition, is developed to convert images to text.

There are many image-to-text converters that use OCR technology to cater to the process of conversion. In the next section, we are going to talk about the best OCR tools that you can easily find on the Internet.

What are some good OCR online tools?

There is a huge variety of OCR online tools listed on the web, and it can be very difficult for you to find the best ones all by yourself. This is why we have handpicked some interesting options for you:

Image-to-Text Converter – Online OCR

This OCR online tool can be used by all types of users and on all devices having a browser on them. If you want to extract text from an image or from a scanned PDF file, then this image-to-text converter is perfect for you. The tool is absolutely free to use and has no limitations.

Plus, you must also know that the interface of this photo to text converter is extremely straightforward, and anyone can learn how to convert a picture to text by looking at the tool. The image-to-text converter by Online OCR is ranked among the fastest tools available online for OCR conversions. The tool hardly takes five seconds to extract all data from an image.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat is a very popular tool that can be used online as well as offline for multiple purposes. If you have a scanned PDF file from which you want to extract all the textual data, then you should surely work with this OCR online platform. The conversion of text from an image is extremely accurate if you use this tool, and you should also know that it can cater to the conversion of other image formats as well.

Besides the image to text converter, adobe offers multiple editing tools and features, including text recognition, adding comments, and combining pages. It is one of the most comprehensive OCR online tools that you can find these days.

Picture-to-Text Converter – PDF Simpli

The image-to-text converter by PDF Simpli is a free and reliable OCR online tool that can be used by anyone. You can easily find this tool in the text analysis section of the website. Once you open this picture-to-text converter on your browser, you will easily understand how to utilize it without any trouble. On the interface of the tool, you would see a large image icon that says ‘upload image. You have to use this option for simply adding images from which you want to extract data.

After entering the image, you have to hit the button that says ‘convert image to text.’ The tool would use AI and OCR technology to analyze the image and extract text from it. The tool would hardly take five to six seconds to convert an image to a textual format. You can also convert an online image to text by simply adding its URL into the path bar of the tool. The resultant text can also be checked for grammatical mistakes.

OmniPage – Kofax

OmniPage is another application that is powered by OCR technology. With this OCR online application, you can easily help yourself in turning images, PDF files, or even papers into digital text. The main purpose of this tool is to analyze the images and convert all the textual information in them into an editable format.

The scraped text cannot only be edited but also can be archived and shared without any restrictions. You must know that this conversion tool is best for online tools, and you can also get its application version for Windows devices. Another important feature of this OCR tool is that it also allows you to share/send the converted text to multiple platforms of your choice.

If you have any of the optical character recognition tools, then you can easily help yourself in extracting data from an image.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Marko Hanzekovic.

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