Here’s What Designers Should Know about the Samsung Galaxy Note8


Samsung’s widely-known Note series has always been one of the user’s favorites. You’re definitely a Samsung Note user if you want the functionality of the Galaxy series and a little bit more. We can consider the Note’s capabilities as that of a small tablet, hence it was coined the term “phablet” by some gadget enthusiasts.

If we can remember the Samsung Galaxy Note7 disastrous recall due to battery malfunctions, we all know that most people would want to stay away from the Note series. However, Samsung is now trying to make a strong comeback, and it did not disappoint for the most part. In this post, we will be talking about five common user experiences that designers would want to know about.

Excellent Camera Features

One of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy Note8 stand out is its powerful dual camera feature. An alien feature to old Note models, this dual camera allows users to create beautiful depth effects when taking photos. Pretty much similar if you would buy a DSLR, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 quite delivers for its camera quality.


It is not news that the Note8 is known for its large display. However, is the larger-than-life experience still worth having after the Note7 recall? It definitely is. The large 6.3 inch OLED display is the latest in technology, making use of organic LED particles that illuminate the screen instead of a backlight. The result is a vibrant picture display, with a lighter, skinnier version of the Note, which can easily fit in large pockets and small bags. If you are a fussy designer who wants to see bright and colorful displays, Note8 is a good option.


A smartphone valued at almost $1000 is no joke to other people with other priorities. With its strong features, high camera power, and useful functionality, the pricing seems fair. Samsung Galaxy Note8 has lived up to the expectations of its buyers, according to most user reviews. However, if a person might consider budget a priority over all unnecessary specs that the Note8 may have, it won’t be a good option for practical gadget users and designers.

Awkward Fingerprint Scan

For designers, it would be important to note that one glaring inconvenient feature by this smartphone is the awkward placing of the fingerprint scan. In the Samsung Galaxy Note8 fingerprint reading access, you have to place your fingers beside the rear camera. This placing causes camera smears, and difficulty to adjust your fingers for reading. Users would hope that Samsung would be able to change this flaw in their next models for easier access.

The S Pen

Who could forget the S Pen? The S Pen is definitely one of the best features of Note8 that still stands true to its functionality. Through the S Pen, you can still take notes, make doodles, and prompt your phone to do certain tasks with a single stroke. The S Pen is a good addition to the Note user who is used to multitasking, making it easier for them to access data through their phone with the use of the S Pen. S Pen is something that should still be kept throughout the Note Series. Designers would also love the S Pen for its Wacom-like capabilities, making it a very useful tool for sketching graphics on-the-go.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has received great feedback from old and new users alike. This current model ultimately redeemed itself from the trenches of bad publicity that the Note7 caused. If you a designer who has been a Note user ever since, or would want to see the capabilities of a powerful phablet with the S Pen, then Samsung Galaxy Note8 would be a good option for you. 

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YouTube: Samsung Galaxy Note8 video playlist to demonstrate primary functions

Photo credit: Samsung Newsroom

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