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Samsung Flexing Muscles with Futuristic Smartphone Concept Film [Video]

I don’t need to tell you that a concept video can be as meaningless as it can be impressing. I like concept videos and use-cases that show what could be possible or what is in the making, but one needs to clearly keep in mind that this is currently fictional and possibly all special effects and renders. I’m not saying it’s bad to produce concept clips, I just want everybody to be aware that they are not a report of what we currently can do.

Prose and taxonomy aside here goes the latest outlook promotional clip by South Korean electronics giant, Samsung. To be more exact, their Galaxy franchise of smartphones and other smart devices, which received heavy reputational damages after the problematic issues of the Galaxy Note 7, which reportedly could go up in flames during the charging process.

What do you think about the conceptual features which future Galaxy models might be able to unlock? Would you get a Samsung smartphone? Are you in for foldable smartphones, this type of design, gaming, and even tattoo robots (wtf?)? We’d love to know more about your opinion, so make sure you drop us a comment below. 😉

YouTube: Samsung Galaxy – The Future

Photo credit: The feature image is a still frame from the embedded video and is owned by Samsung.
Source: Samsung press release

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