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Samsung Unveils the Digital Cockpit 2021

At the beginning of this year, we’ve seen Samsung and Harman start their year off on their tech with their new flagships, the Galaxy S21 and S21+. Now, we take a sneak peek into the company’s Digital Cockpit 2021 that aims to answer the question of “How far we can take vehicle technology?”

The concept

Since it was first introduced three years ago, the Samsung Digital Cockpit has constantly been evolving to revolutionize the vehicle industry. The current Digital Cockpit comes with a 49″ QLED display and a sound system in the front.

Samsung Digital Cockpit

In its standard form, the Digital Cockpit’s screen is exposed in half, and it displays the most important information like navigation maps, speed, driving options, etc. However, if you switch the screen in media mode, it will rise in front to offer you the whole experience. With this screen, you can make video calls, watch videos, play games, and much more.

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The Digital Cockpit 2021 utilizes 5G technology, allowing users to take advantage of all the above-mentioned features without interruptions. What’s more, the vehicle also comes with the Automotive Samsung Health, a system that analyzes passengers’ health status before boarding. This health system also monitors the stress levels of the passengers and adjusts the vehicle music and lighting to help them relax. It can also analyze your sleeping patterns to prevent you from falling asleep while driving.

Samsung Digital Cockpit

Samsung stated that the Digital Cockpit “transforms your vehicle into an ‘entertainment hub that’s just as comfortable as your living room.'” It has a control display on the rear center that allows passengers to manage different features using gestures only. When not in use, the controls will disappear to provide you with a cleaner look at the display. Moreover, the vehicle features an Out-Cabin Screen on its backside, allowing passengers to enjoy a wide range of activities when camping.

While the Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 is an impressive vehicle that provides plenty of innovations and features, it’s still only a concept. We believe that it will become a real vehicle, and it will be exciting to see the vehicle in action.

YouTube: Digital Cockpit 2021 (Short version)

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