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AIWAYS Intelligent Tech Makes Driving Safer and More Fun

Technology hasn’t only brought ground-breaking changes in how we communicate, organize our lives and work, or enjoy our free time. It also changed the way we drive our cars.

GPS navigation systems have replaced bulky and impractical maps. Electrical cars have reduced pollution. Rear view cameras and automatic parking systems are helping us park into those difficult narrow spaces. More recently, we are witnessing cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) entering the field. Hence the increasing popularity of autonomous vehicles.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia showcased a new technology which combines AI and AR features into a holistic, intelligent cockpit system. Here, the Shanghai-based company AIWAYS presented its revolutionary cockpit system.


How does AIWAYS technology work?

Dubbed as the Intelligent Care System, its aim is to make driving easier and more enjoyable, sort of like a “home away from home,” says AIWAYS Executive Vice-President of Sales and Service, Cai Jianjun.

The most prominent feature of this system? The AI Virtual Assistant. According to the company, “this driver-support technology uses AI algorithms to create an anthropomorphic in-car assistant based on a human appearance defined by the user, replacing faceless computer images.” It means that this technology goes beyond the voice assistance tech and adds a familiar face to the mix.


Furthermore, it has a Multimodal Active Interaction System which learns the driver’s preferences, habits, and gestures. As the system learns, it proactively attends to the driver’s needs. Additionally, it also has a Driver Monitoring System that monitors the driver’s behavior, issuing warnings in situations that might endanger the driver’s safety on the road, like fatigue or distraction. Aside from that, it also has a system that scans the inside of the car after you lock just to see if you left something behind.

The system also includes an AR User Manual with scenario-based animations, as well as the AR Story Platform. The AR system will help keep your kids entertained and create valuable memories of your road trips, taking pictures along the way and sorting them into 3D picture books.

The AIWAYS Intelligent Car System will be an integral part of the electric U5 SUV. The vehicle is expected to show up in car salons in select markets by 2020.

YouTube: AIWAYS U5: Love Your Drive

Photo credit: All images used are owned by AIWAYS and were provided for press usage.
Source: AIWAYS press release via email to us

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