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Rodos BioTarget Starts Their Crowdfunding Campaign

14-July, Hanover – German biotech company Rodos BioTarget has started their venture capital crowdfunding campaign on Seedmatch today at 12:00 local time. With an overall goal of €200k to be funded in a period of 60 days, they have already drawn 38 personal venture capital investors to support them with more than €50k in less than 5 hours after launch of the campaign. They are working on targeted drug delivery, to more effectively fight viral and bacterial diseases. The company has been founded by Marcus Furch, Michael Scolaro, Robert Gieseler and Jorg Ruppert in 2008.

Photo credit: Rodos BioTarget
Source: CrunchBase, Seedmatch, Rodos BioTarget
Editorial notice: On 16-July we were contacted by principal founder Robert Gieseler about a mistake in the data from CrunchBase about the founder’s names. This has now been corrected from Robert Crone to Robert Gieseler.

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