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Robot Arms Combined with TVs for a Panasonic Tech Demo [Video]

Among professional AV folks the ISE is a well established annual event. To consumers it is widely unknown but in full writing ISE means Integrated Systems Europe. Professionals of the audio visual sector such as distributors, consultants, planners and installers visit the ISE to check out new products and technologies that already went on the market or are about to hit the market. The folks from rAVe [Publications] went there and recorded hundreds of awesome videos for you to check out. If you want to have a look at all of them you should check out their YouTube channel too. This one video below is my favorite out of all those newly uploaded videos, recorded earlier this week in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

YouTube: ISE 2016: Joel Rollins Shows Off a Demonstration of Panasonic Booth with Rotating TV Displays

Photo credit: Jiuguang Wang

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