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Robolink’s Self-Driving Car ‘Zümi’ Teaches Kids (And Experts) AI

Growing larger every time, this year’s CES was a hot topic in tech circles, and not without reason. From scandals to innovations, one thing is for certain, CES 2019 had a lot in store. One of the products that are bound to take the center stage is Zümi, the self-driving car with a mission to teach children a thing or two about AI (artificial intelligence).

What is Zümi?

A brainchild of Robolink, Zümi is the first robotics kit of its kind. Receiving the distinction of Best of Innovation in the Robotics and Drones category, she is made for everyone older than nine who wishes to learn about AI in an easy and fun way.

You can teach Zümi to drive through a miniature city by following step-by-step tutorials and using deep learning. Targeted primarily at children, Zümi allows them to experience hands-on the concepts of basic robotics, navigation, and mapping algorithms, deep learning, self-driving vehicle ethics and so on.


Kids can teach Zümi by showing her examples of the objects they want her to identify. For instance, if you want to order her to deliver pizza in the miniature city, you will learn to develop your own algorithm for detecting obstacles on the map and discover the fastest route.

The car will learn a route, recognize the landmarks along the way and detect obstacles enough times to become familiar with the entire route and deliver the pizza in no time. Zümi also offers a wide array of programming experiences so everyone can learn the concepts behind AI and machine learning (ML) quickly and easily.

Great for experienced coders as well

Not a kid or a beginner? Don’t worry, Zümi has you covered too. Experienced programmers can write their own TenorFlow and Keras code to craft unique self-driving car experiments, and design their own neural networks to train Zümi to categorize objects and recognize gestures.

Its professional-grade tools allow coders to get hands-on experience exploring AI and ML. If you’re interested in supporting Robolink or want to get your hands on a Zümi, you can also back them on Kickstarter until the ninth of March 2019.

YouTube: Self-Driving Car Zümi Teaches Kids AI

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