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Build Tutorials and Share Them Easily with iorad

Have you wished to be able to share your knowledge quickly and easily? The team at iorad (short for Instructional Object Rapid Development) might just have the answer for you. The app is built for both mobile and desktop experiences.

iorad’s Tutorial Builder allows you to follow your standard processes and have a customized learning experience created automatically from your content. You can then share your content in a matter of minutes with those who need it most may it be your customers for a product demo or maybe with your team of internal procedures.


iorad Features

iorad has created an excellent way for us to impart knowledge to users quickly, and I can only imagine how many hours this could have saved me previously when I have created documentation. The way it works is simple: all you need to do is run the program and start your work process. Once you’re done, it produces a customizable tutorial that you can share immediately.

Though there is a much more extensive list, some of the most popular features of iorad are as follows:

  • Auto Generate Step Text: it automatically generates steps to explain to users what they need to do.
  • Mask Data: it gives you the ability to hide private information with a single click permanently.
  • Instant Voiceover: record your own voice so you can give out the instructions yourself. Alternatively, use one of the 47 unique voices available in 24 different languages.


As we all learn in different ways, the ability to tailor experiences for users is advantageous to the users who need to retain the information. With a cloud-based application like iorad that currently integrates with more than 30 external systems, you can share your content almost anywhere.

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There is some real promise with a claimed ability to create content five times faster than traditional manual approaches and have users learn in half the time. With a wide range of options scaled at various pricing, from free for use up to enterprise-level, every project is fit. Perhaps with iorad, the days of creating long, tedious documentation on workflows may be over.

YouTube: Don’t be Paul. | an iorad film

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