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Sarah Spiekermann: Human Progress, Ethics and the Nature of the Digital [Video]

The re:publica conference about digital culture this year is over now and all those of us, who were not able to go to Berlin for it, are left with a load of tweets and a hand full of YouTube videos from the speeches and sessions. In the video below you can watch the speech about human progress, ethics and the nature of everything digital, by Sarah Spiekermann.

In the spirit of this year’s conference motto “tl;dr” she summarizes the points as follows, “Have you ever thought about the fact that the digital material has its own nature? And that this nature brings with it ethically relevant value effects we should consider in its use? This talk ventures into the natural properties of the digital fabric and their implications for ethics and human progress in a digitalized world.”

I can’t give you all the content from the event and I don’t seek to, but I picked you one speech that I found very interesting and hope that you’ll enjoy it too. If you like the video, make sure to visit their YouTube channel for more, leave them some thumbs-up and consider subscribing for more interesting content in the future.

YouTube: re:publica 2019 – Sarah Spiekermann – Human Progress, Ethics and the Nature of the Digital

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Jan Zappner for re:publica.

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