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In the last ten years, a trend has taken hold across the world. It’s a trend in which people rent out their possessions via a user-friendly app to make a little side money. Take Uber, for example. People can use their own cars that they already have to shuttle people around town, making a bit of extra cash in the process. Or, look at Airbnb. You’ve got a nice house? Rent it out on the app.

In today’s world, you can access anything from TVs to farm equipment to beachside villas on an app: anything, that is, except for swimming pools. Or at least, that was the case until Swimply came along.

What is Swimply?

Swimply, as simply put, is the self-proclaimed Airbnb of swimming pools. Anyone can rent pools by the hour, from people who want to throw a pool party extravaganza to folks who just want to wind down in the water. Users can find pools anywhere from Indianapolis, Indiana to Melbourne, Victoria as long as they are registered on this platform.

According to Simply, they make their app easy for pool owners to “turn your extra space into extra income so that you can pursue more of what you love.” These pools can be rented for as low as $20 to upwards of $100 per hour.

How to rent a pool

If anyone wants to rent out a pool in Swimply, the process is quite simple. A customer can search the database to find a nearby swimming pool or their desired location and pick out a time and duration. From there, they can request if they can rent the pool and wait for the approval.

On the side of the owner, they can list their pool in less than five minutes in Swimply. If the property owner feels comfortable with the renter after a quick chat, he or she can approve them through the app.

Some pools can get booked instantly, making it that much easier on the renter and the property owner. Additionally, users can “communicate easily and coordinate flawlessly through Swimply chat, and enjoy data privacy and user protections.” Both customer and owner can come to an arrangement this way and discuss anything from bathroom access to poolside amenities with apparent ease. Finally, “upon confirmation, you will have access to everything you need to know, including address, access instructions, wifi details, and more.”

Swimmers are charged upfront and earnings are directly deposited, minus a 15% service fee to Swimply. For property owners who find themselves a little confused by the process or need a little help with pricing or listing, the company provides 24/7 host support. Additionally, for owners who may feel uneasy about having random strangers show up at their pool, the company also provides $1,000,000 of liability insurance and $10,000 of property damage protection, covering a range of things from damages within the vicinity to support for an injured guest and legal fees in the event of a lawsuit.

Swimply also simplifies, or swimplifies, the property owners’ experience, alleging that the platform can help pool owners earn “up to $10,000” a month and also support the community by helping others “create memories that will last a lifetime.” Owners can set a starting price they can change later depending on demand, add some photos, a brief description, and the listing goes online. To ensure both parties are always satisfied and that people know what they are paying for, the services also allow renters and owners to rate each other after each rental experience “to help future swimmers.”

Expanding the business

But this company isn’t stopping at swimming pools. Soon, Swimply plans on offering another service, Joyspace. According to its website, the service is “democratizing luxury by allowing owners of awesome spaces to share them by the hour with those who would like to enjoy them.” People can rent anything from basketball and tennis courts to hot tubs and “majestic backyards,” to docked boats and more.

Joyspace encourages property owners interested in this program to “join the Joyspace Hosts in earning an effortless income from your underutilized space. Cover your operating expenses, turn a profit, and make other families happy. All without compromising your own Joy time.”

This summer, as much of the world opens up, perhaps people will be able to savor the little joys of summer again, from a loud, splashing pool noodle fight to a lazy afternoon floating around in the sunlit water. Swimply is currently available in the United States and Australia.

YouTube: Meet the ‘Airbnb for pools’: Swimply dives into the stay-at-home market

Photo credit: The featured image was taken by Eric Nopanen.

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Nick Bozzelli-Levine
Nick Bozzelli-Levine
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