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Remix IO: Jide Is Back with a New Android PC

Jide-Tech-Beijing-China-Kickstarter-Startup18-October, Beijing – Remember Remix Mini? The first true Android PC by Jide? Well, we certainly do and have great news to share. Jide is going to launch their new product on the 20th of October on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The upcoming Remix IO will introduce upgraded hardware as well as new software features as part of a new version of their Nougat-based Remix OS. Similar to previous installments the focus of this Android OS version is to offer the users a desktop PC experience.

Jide did not yet give away too many details to save it for the goodies for the official announcement, but they already promised that they listened to the community and made sure that the Remix IO will shine, based on the feedback of the users and supporters.

Want to stay on top of this? Visit their event page on Facebook for more information.

Update 20th of October: The campaign is now live on Kickstarter. They have already cracked $200k in less than a day and are certain to achieve their goal of $250k within the remaining 29 days of the campaign.


Kickstarter: Remix IO – A 4K, Nougat-powered, All-in-One device

Photo credit: Jide
Source: Email newsletter by Jide
Editorial notice: Added further information after the announced go-live date.

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