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How Safe Is a SawStop Table Saw? [Video]

Working with tools a lot? Maybe you’re a maker, woodworker, or just an enthusiast – regardless of what you’d call yourself, you clicked the link, and you’re here for the table saw video featuring a 19,000 FPS slow-motion clip recorded with a Phantom V2640. Good choice.

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Not familiar with Jonathan Katz-Moses yet? Make sure you also visit his channel and subscribe if you’re digging what they are up to over there. Are you ready? Find out how safe a SawStop table saw really is and what will happen to that sausage.

YouTube: How Safe is a Sawstop Saw? – Never Before Seen 19,000 FPS HD Slow-Mo Video

Photo credit: The feature image is indirectly related to the video as it shows a SawStop table saw, but the photo was taken on a different occasion. The image is owned by SawStop and was made available as part of a press release.

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