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Recycle Household Water by 85% with Hydraloop

According to US Geological Survey, the average person uses 80 to 100 gallons of water a day. Almost all of this water is wasted or drained into sewers. This isn’t a sustainable method of water usage as freshwater is a finite resource.

It is no surprise that tech titans like Intel are aware of the damages that wasted water causes and have taken measures to recycle water. However, it is also difficult and energy-consuming to purify water and make it suitable for normal household use. Hydraloop provides an innovative solution to this problem. It is essentially a miniaturized version of a large scale water treatment plant.

Recycling water at home

The most efficient, reliable method to save water is to recycle it. With Hydraloop, it cleans the water right where you use it without the means of any decentralized industrial process. It saves water and energy and lowers the carbon footprint of a household by eliminating the need for water to be transported to and from treatment plants.


Hydraloop is a patented water treatment system that is sophisticated enough to reproduce industrial grade recycled water while compact enough to fit inside a space as big as a refrigerator. It is the product of a commitment to cut water usage down by at least 50 percent for every household, essentially recycling the same water twice.

Thorough filtering process

Most recycling systems use filters and membranes to clean water. While this may be a reliable industrial method, it isn’t the most sustainable for households as these membranes can get clogged up, thus blocking the entire system. Meanwhile, Hydraloop uses an innovative combination of 6 different systems to purify the water.

The water passes through a sedimentation compartment to separate large suspended particles. It goes through the Hydraloop’s floatation compartments and undergoes foam fractionation. Finally, the final phase is through a bioreactor and the water is disinfected with concentrated UV light. After all these processes are completed, reusable, clean water is fed back into the household’s mainline to be used again.


Recycling water within the household can also mean saving a lot of energy that would have otherwise been wasted in heating water. Most households located in colder climates require external heating systems for the water to be suitable to use. Using Hydraloop will allow water that has been heated once to travel through the household pipeline to radiate heat. This essentially warms up the house without the need for an external heating system.

The machine can be used for both commercial and household use. With their wide range of products fitting every kind of need and their innovative design, Hydraloop should be the norm for households everywhere.

YouTube: How Hydraloop Works

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Source: USGS

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