Reasons for Getting Transcripts for Your Business


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Creating and growing market relations means problems of ensuring the effective functioning of business operations. The importance of this challenge is accompanied by the fact that individual business units form an economy on their own. Socio-economic development largely depends on the success of their success. The effective functioning of business entities can also solve some of these problems. This includes job creation and employment, tax, insurance payments, and foreign trade balance formation.

One of the effective ways to increase business efficiency today is to use high-quality transcription services. By documenting business audio and video files through transcription, it is possible to get the most out of their content. This explains why many business owners perform sound-to-text transcriptions to back up their logs, relevant industry news, and other statistics.

Converting audio to text provides a business with many benefits, such as:

  • They are useful for legal and regulatory purposes;
  • Help in backing up critical business data;
  • The decryption of advertising audio content for delivery to customers or publication on the Internet.

In addition, transcription services are also helpful if a company tries to provide a convenient format for the audience with hearing impairments. Read below for more information on how transcription can help develop your business and how you can receive it.

Basic methods for transcribing audio and video files to text

There are two primary ways that a business owner can receive a transcription:

  1. They are using the services of a professional transcription company. By contacting a specialized transcription service with a request to convert audio to text, you undoubtedly save time and money. The best professional transcriptionists work for They perform high-quality audio transcription online even if the recording is not very clear and there is background noise;
  2. They could use automated transcription software for converting speech into text. Living in an era of technological progress, we cannot exclude the opportunity of converting audio to text using numerous mobile applications or online tools. However, such transcribing does not guarantee the same results as professional human transcribers who combine both manual and automated conversions simultaneously.

What type of transcription is most suitable for your business?

The industry generally determines which type of transcription is best suited for your business. However, as practice shows, the three described below are most often used for business purposes:

  1. Literal transcription. It is also known as an exact transcript and is usually quite lengthy and detailed. The transcriber attempts to convey everything the speaker is talking about, including non-verbal cues and stop-words;
  2. Edited transcription. This type of transcription aims to keep the speaker’s words as they are without rephrasing or changing meaning. It usually does not contain placeholders, hints, or pauses. Many businesses choose the edited transcription, as they do not consider insert words to be necessary;
  3. Intellectual transcription. It is aimed at converting notes into clearly understandable content. Here the transcriptionist has the authority to edit the speaker’s words and delete sections of speech. The primary purpose of this type of transcription is to provide or convey the meaning of speech naturally and not just document it as it was recorded.

Why does a business need transcriptions and what goals does It allow to achieve?

The use of transcription can be helpful for several reasons. A few of the basic ones are described below.

Reasons for Getting Transcripts for Your Business - Woman Reading Meeting On The Phone Call
Image: Marko Hanzekovic / Scopio

Gaining access to huge amounts of data

Recorded files are usually data-rich. However, these formats restrict free access to specific data sets, for example, when you need to find a particular fact, date, or statistics. Converting audio and video to text allows accessing such data without any difficulty.

Enhancing strategic alignment

Professional meetings will help you determine the mindset of your organization and make strategic changes to your business. While you can instruct the secretary to take notes during the conference, it is better to record the entire meeting. Sound recording ensures that every piece of important information is recorded and all related data is preserved. This information can then be easily converted to text by a qualified transcript expert.

Improving workplace efficiency

How long does it take for your employees to extract the required data from the audio and video materials of the company? Is this wasting their working time and slowing down their work in general?

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Turning sound into text provides you with material that is more searchable in comparison to a podcast. This optimizes access to data, which in turn improves work efficiency. You receive the information you need in just several minutes instead of playing the audio recording back and forth to verify a fact or statistic.

Transcribing the individual audio files also provides a rapid reference point when you need time-limited information. For example, when clients call to get specific data.

Avoiding misunderstandings

The use of transcription apps and available tools may lead to some misunderstandings. Automated software is not always good for speech decoding and may not understand strong accents or technical jargon. In this case, the transcript may lose its original meaning. Such mistakes can damage your reputation or put your business at a disadvantage.

However, hiring a professional decryptor ensures accuracy. Therefore, if you want to get high-quality audio-to-text transcription and at the same time avoid misunderstandings, use the services of professional companies such as Transcriberry.

Personal data protection

Data security is a top priority in modern businesses. Obtaining text transcriptions is a great way to back up and protect your personal information if records are lost or infected.

So, all of the above indicates that every modern business requires high-quality audio and video transcriptions into text. You can get them in two ways: either do it yourself using the available tools and applications or get professional services. The second option looks more reliable and profitable, as it allows you to save time and get high-quality decryptions. But the choice is yours. The main thing is not to miss the chance to increase the efficiency of your business by using transcriptions.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Joao Serafim. The photo in the body of the article was taken by Marko Hanzekovic.

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