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Control vs Speed: Razer Vespula Review

While the mouse and keyboard are definitely the most important pieces of equipment for a gamer, we shouldn’t forget the fact that without a proper surface, your Razer mouse wouldn’t perform as great as it does. This is why all gamers need to use a professional gaming mat that ensures the proper stability and comfort for the mouse as you battle against thousands of enemies in your games.

What Razer Vespula brings into the mix is a dual sided mat that can fit any need. You can easily customize it according to your own style and we liked the fact that it’s comfortable and ergonomic, even if you plan to play for hours and hours. You won’t feel any strains or pain, as the mat is designed to ease the way you touch it thanks to a specially designed region.

Razer Vespula was created with enhanced tracking in mind, which allows the mat to bring the utmost precision in any type of game, especially shooters for example, where the precision is crucial. It can help you go through the intense gameplay sessions without a problem, thanks to its wide range of features.


The memory conformance wrist rest is filled with gel and the main reason it was created is that it allows you to enjoy the long, prolonged gaming sessions with comfort. You don’t have to worry about hand pain, instead all you need to focus on are the battles that you will take place in.

What makes Razer Vespula stand out is the fact that its surface is non-slippery and antireflective, so basically nothing can disturb you as you play. In addition, the speed surface is great for faster mouse movements, something that you certainly need as you play the latest games. The other surface is suitable for precise mouse movements, helpful during sniping attacks for example.

Although it’s recommended that you use a Razer mouse for complete accuracy, the Vespula can bring a lot of accuracy to other mice as well.

This mat is certainly one of the best additions you can make to your desk. Its interesting design, ergonomic functions and its sheer beauty is certainly what makes this tool so amazing. Yes, the device might come with a price that is quite high for some gamers, but it’s safe to say that the investment is well worth it, especially if you play video games for hours each and every day. Razer Vespula brings you the utmost in mouse mat creation, so if you are a gamer looking for some great stuff to buy for your desk, then this is one of the best you can find. Helpful, ergonomic and very easy to use, the Vespula earns its place in being one of the top quality products created by Razer, suitable for day to day use.

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