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ASAP Acid: Why Nothing Happens If You Disturb People [Video]

Some might have felt like this before. You get up in the morning, you plan your day at work, you want to kick-start your first task and after some minutes there is another urgent ad hoc important priority one thing that needs to be done first. All the planning is void and all hands on deck to tinker on whatever needs to happen “ASAP”. Even when you can go on with your list, you won’t be as focused as you’ve been before. At the TEDxMidwest event Jason Fried, ‎Co-founder & CEO of Basecamp, spoke about this particular subject. He managed to make a relatively theoretical piece rather interesting to watch and listen to. Many thanks to Jason for sharing his experience and insight!

YouTube: Jason Fried – Why work doesn’t happen at work

Photo credit: Kris Krüg

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