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PURUS Air i Plus: Your Portable Air Purifier

Air pollution is a major concern that affects our world today. Companies and organizations are becoming more active in improving our environmental conditions to change that. While this seems to be a long-term goal that needs a lot of investment and research, some companies are developing their own purifiers for homes and indoor places.

PURUS produced its own air purifier called the PURUS Air i Plus. A team from the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan developed the air purifier with the institute’s patented technology. This new air purifier is portable, powerful, and smooth, not to mention that it has passed more than 20 quality tests.

PURUS Air i Plus

The “air quality guardian”

PURUS Air i Plus has been marketed as a purifier that can remove harmful particles in the air. This includes bacteria, viruses, pet dander, smoke, smog, dust, pollen, and mold in a one-meter effective diameter.

Its mechanism works by attracting the air around it, filtering it, and releasing the purified air at a 45° angle. This is due to the vortex produced by its powerful turbofan. Its air quality sensor continuously monitors nearby air, providing a clean, fresh, and safe environment every 5 minutes.

PURUS Air i Plus

This powerful air cleaner uses a high-density spiral wire on a stainless steel plate. There is a 4000-volt plasma discharge that attracts the particles, adhering them to the collecting plate. PURUS Air i Plus does not use interchangeable filters, so you can simply take out the plate, rinse, and dry it with a cloth for reuse. The purifier improves efficiency, reduces the ozone emission rate, and prevents you from having to buy filters constantly.

Air i Plus adapts depending on how safe the air you are currently breathing in. If it is dangerous, the turbo mode is switched on automatically to speed up the purified air expulsion. In addition, it has a three-speed mode and a ten-level intensity switch, all of them at low power consumption.

PURUS Air i Plus

The purifier has a 5V DC to USB cable, enabling it to work via an electric current, your laptop, or even vehicle chargers. its functions are also controlled wirelessly. You can turn off its LED, activate the different speeds, and control it remotely.

PURUS Air i Plus could eliminate 99% of germs in the air and harmful particles of up to 0.01 microns. This small purifier can provide a sustainable and safe atmosphere for your home. This air purifier has been backed in Kickstarter and is available in Indiegogo starting at $140.

Photo credit: The images used are owned by PURUS and have been provided for press usage.

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