Pros and Cons of Business School for Young People


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Attending business school seems to be the goal of everyone who wants to excel in a business career. Business school is where people go to get a degree in finance-related courses. More often than not, you’ll find both young and older people in business schools. While it seems normal for more advanced people to attend business schools, people wonder if business schools should also be for young people. There are, however, many pros and cons associated with young people attending business school.

Pros of Business School for Young People

They learn life skills and connect early

“The journey is the reward.” – Chinese Proverb

Many people believe that it’s never too early to start making plans for the future. Business school is often a great yardstick for gaining new experiences and learning life skills. For instance, they could learn networking, communication, and teamwork. These skills prepare them for a more secure future even at a young age, and they build up a connection for future purposes. Within a few years, they not only learn new skills, but they also get a degree that may be equivalent to a master’s degree. Unlike when you have to constantly buy assignment to help to get good grades, the skills you get from business school are lifelong. This places them at an edge over people who did not attend business school. The earlier they start, the more they master the skills that they have learned.

More chances for early employment

In the job-hunting world generally, many organizations and firms are concerned about the ages of those that they employ. These days, there are age limits attached to job requirements and adverts placed online. While it may never be too late to get a degree or learn a skill, young people tend to be more favored when applying for jobs. The earlier they get that degree from a business school, the higher their chances of getting a good job.

Additionally, if the goal is to start up a company, it becomes easier at an early stage. This means that they can achieve a lot of things earlier in life. Attending and getting a degree from business school at a young age may place you at an advantage amid competition.

It creates room for further learning and career growth

The agility and energy to get as many certificates and experience as possible are often present among young people. Rather than relaxing after getting one good degree, there is room to get more knowledge and experience. This may be possible because of the connection they get in business school. There are often lots of professional gatherings and internship programs that business students have to participate in. Being around successful people often encourages students to be role models and strive to be successful.

More innovation to start their own business

Young CEOs or entrepreneurs who are self-made usually have to go through challenges before they reach their goals. Starting business school at a young age prepares and encourages you to begin your own business if you’d like. Not everyone will use their degrees to apply for jobs. Some people will use the skills and connections that they get to start up their businesses. A major advantage is that you are surrounded by nearly everything you need to start.

Cons of business school for young people

While there are pros to young people attending business schools, there are also cons that should be considered.

It might be overwhelming

The activities in the school of business may be a little overwhelming for young people. This is because they will more often than not be among advanced professors or successful business owners. In the same vein, there will most likely be extremely stiff competition. This should influence students into being better. However, not many young people can withstand the pressure around them.

Make bad decisions

Young people tend to be easily influenced into making decisions about their career path. Attending a school of business may restrict their available options on what is best for them. This is such that they may not be able to pursue or explore other available options. Business schools offer courses in only business-related fields, and there is barely enough room to venture beyond this field.

May be stuck on the idea of the degree

Sometimes, people believe that a degree is all they need to excel in life. This idea influences their actions, and they don’t make the most out of what they have learned. Young people are more likely to fall victim to this situation. Firstly, they may or may not understand the value of attending business school. Secondly, they may decline other opportunities for growth and remain stuck on the idea of the degree. Either way, the outcome is often not pleasurable.


The points mentioned here only address the general pros and cons of young people attending business school. Everything that has a pro will most likely have cons attached. The key is weighing the good and bad to find a balance.

YouTube: What do you actually learn in Business School – MSc in Economics explains (Oliver Rotko)

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