CodeFights: Learn Coding and Get Hired for Your Skills, Not a Degree


Are you a software developer educated from scratch? Self-learned front-end developer? QA in the learning process, maybe? Are you searching for a job, but the company you find suitable demands that you possess faculty degree as a proof of your skills?

Don’t give up. That is not the end of your finding the job quest. There are plenty of other options. For some time now, most IT experts didn’t need to be remarkable students from a reputable college or faculty to get a job. They only need to possess all preferable skills to satisfy company’s needs. After all, there is no need, even for a proper work experience in the big company, to become the top-notch coder.

Meet CodeFights, a startup which wants to help programmers to get a job based on their skills alone. They built a website where programmers can improve their skills by completing coding challenges. Additionally, they thoughtfully considered the problem where recruiting new IT experts doesn’t always bring a company what it was looking for.

So they build a new system. The CodeFights platform is designed to help recruiters evaluate job candidates based on the candidate’s’ skills rather than on what they listed on their resumes, says Business Insider.

How does this system work?

  • Companies can use CodeFights to send applicants a programming test
  • The system evaluates skill level based on how well they do
  • Recruiters can review applicants’ scores and decide who they should invite to a job interview

“What the recruiting industry is still doing is using pedigree as a proxy for skill,” told Tigran Sloyan, CodeFights’ CEO to Business Insider and continued, “Engineers are no longer coming from top schools and top companies.”

And not only that, the former Google and Oracle engineers who created this startup also realized that they can help companies to recruit new employees by analyzing programmers who already used the site only to learn and practice their coding.

This was a good idea and CodeFights’ site quickly how to find talented engineers efficiently. That is why they already supply staff to companies like Uber, Asana, or Evernote and focus on creating tools they could use internally to screen job candidates.

How are they testing your coding skills?

Bots are there, ready to check user’s skills. If a programmer does well against the bot and shows useful knowledge, they will be offered job opportunities in a particular company, if there is a matching open position.

This idea of hiring great IT Engineers could become a standard for the entire industry. So if you have discovered your programming ambition lately, bookmark all the online courses, check this website and get on it. Good luck and have fun!

YouTube: Codefights VS Mode Demo
Photo credit: Mili Giacomelli for Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland
Source: Caroline Cakebread (Business Insider)

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Natasha Saru
Natasha Saru
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