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Create Tailored Product Demos with Demostack

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A product demo really helps maintain the flow in the first-call conversation with a customer. Now the phrase “never demo before discovery” is becoming redundant in businesses. A lot of companies release the product demo towards the end of their sales cycle, but Demostack thinks otherwise.

While other platforms help market a product by creating a systemic flow for a company website like Webflow, Demostack wants to dig deep and focus on demo anxiety. They do this by providing a product demo platform that can tailor demos for companies based on product details and sales data. The demos are customizable and will be delivered in minutes instead of weeks.

The value of product demos

At Demostack, graphs, data, etc. are swiftly analyzed and edited to create a personalized, data-driven demo. These demos are designed by keeping the product’s visual appeal in mind to bring its story to the foreground. This is all done without having to worry about the coding aspect, providing a no-code or zero-code demo environment.


To kill the presentation gimmicks and to enable all revenue teams such as marketing and sales, with a tailor-made demo, Demostack has taken the Demo-Driven Revenue Acceleration (DDRA) path. The DDRA path combines the product-led growth model and revenue growth acceleration operations to facilitate the conversation between the prospects and the team members, regarding the product. Instead of focusing entirely on a company’s sales cycle, they believe in also focusing on the customer lifecycle.

Demostack wants to give value to the customer in the form of a product demo and get value in the form of insights. The demos will be available in two forms: micro and discovery. A micro demo consists of a product’s visual story and demonstrates the key problems that the product is being built to solve. Meanwhile, a discovery demo retains the visual appeal of the product in an updated form. The update will be based on the insights received from the customers. To deliver a flawless demo experience to their clients, the platform also provides an option to view the demos offline and are easily sharable.

By partnering up with possible prospects, Demostack wants to establish a dialogue that incorporates views from both ends. They want to make the demos available to the teams as a toolbox to pull out the right demo as soon as needed. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the conversation between the buying and selling parties and establish trust through a quality demo.

From demo anxiety to opportunity

Demo anxiety is a less talked about but a real phenomenon in business. Demostack’s CEO Jonathan Friedman describes his fair share of demo anxiety experienced by teams at the customer-facing end. During a live scenario, team members edit content and their script on the spot which resulted in a chaotic product presentation, with “conflicting narratives, mid-demo surprises,” and sensitive data at the display.

However, Friedman saw this as an opportunity, and the idea of creating “a home-brew demo environment where we can retain more control without putting sensitive data at risk” is what started Demostack. For now, interested parties can sign up for early access to the platform by providing their email address.

If you’re interested in demo and sales methodology you should also check out the book “Demonstrating To Win!: The Indispensable Guide for Demonstrating Complex Products” by Robert Riefstahl.

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