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No-Code but Full Design Capabilities with Webflow

Over the years, businesses have seen the importance of having a good website. As such, online web design tools like Webflow are sought after to help companies go through the tiring steps of using graphic design tools, then coding and prototyping using another set of tools yourself.

With Webflow, you can design and launch from the same tool. It gives you the substantial advantage of introducing new designs, working on exciting features, and making your website look amazing without using too many resources and time.

The tool for your website

Webflow helps you generate websites for multiple purposes that are more responsive, whether it is for marketing and design teams, enterprise, or freelancer teams. If you’re a marketing manager worried about using your website as an interactive platform, this may be the right sort of web designing tool for you. It acts as a comprehensive one-stop-shop that allows anyone can work the website and keep it updated.

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With Webflow, you can save up much time when introducing your client to any new feature or app you want to work on without having to code it. What usually takes months to get a website running will now get functional in weeks with the tool. It also swiftly updates your website and allows your audience to experience the latest features without having to work on launching them for long. Best of all, Webflow will sort out most of your website managing worries, and you can now focus on the real deal – marketing your product.

Room for improvement

While there are definitely some pluses to Webflow, there are some slight disadvantages to it as well. Users report that although the tool claims to make your website run smoothly with zero effort, that’s not the case. For one thing, it has yet to reach a level of user-friendliness that competitors like Wix and GoDaddy are.

Apart from that, Webflow doesn’t have the options of phone support yet. In case there’s an emergency, and you don’t have access to a laptop, you won’t be able to contact customer support to assist you, and that’s quite the kerfuffle. Other tools offer live chat with the web traffic you get and can let you chat with your visitors right from your mobile device.

Image: Webflow

While Webflow saves much more than you would be spending on a team of graphic and web designers, it’s a bit on the expensive side compared to most software. Its prices range from $12/month to $212/month, while a service like from GoDaddy hosting has ranging prices from $9.99 to $24.99 per month. If you want to go light on the pocket, Webflow might not be your fix.

With all that being said, Webflow still makes for a convenient tool to keep your website running. If you’ve been having stressful experiences growing and maintaining your website, you should be on the lookout for the best web management software out there. We believe Webflow has great potential and will be rooting for it.

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Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Toa Heftiba. The screenshots are owned by Webflow and have been provided for press usage.

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