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The Process of Invention and Design [Video]

Being innovative, designing new products, bringing ideas to live and even the process of getting new ideas is to many just theory. You encounter the requirements for such activities all around us in modern working environments. But how does such a process look like? Qualcomm did a very interesting series on their YouTube channel on how invention looks like and called it their #WhyWait Invent-Off. Join the invention teams through 6 episodes below.

The Competition Begins – #WhyWait Invent-Off – Episode 1 “The Tech”

8 Inventors Team Up and Face Off – #WhyWait Invent-Off – Episode 2 “The Teams”

Two Bold Ideas – #WhyWait Invent-Off – Episode 3 “The Ideas”

The teams are faced with a new challenge – #WhyWait Invent-Off – Episode 4 “The Twist”

The Final Countdown – #WhyWait Invent-Off – Episode 5 “The Test”

There Can Be Only One – #WhyWait Invent-Off – Episode 6 “The Result”

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