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Print Your Own Temporary Tattoo With Prinker

A few years back, I toyed with the idea of getting inked. Back then though, people with tattoos were looked on with suspicion, especially for girls. Besides, I was young, not to mention that I also had sensitive skin, so the idea of a needle poking at my skin was a no-go for me. I opted to have a henna tattoo instead. While I did enjoy the moment while it lasted, it still stayed for longer than I wanted.

A tattoo is such a commitment and quite frankly a permanent thing to have. Maybe too much of a permanent thing for some people like me. People change often, so it follows that their taste in tattoos might change too. Sure, some apps can help you visualize what you think you want on your skin, but nothing beats having to see the real thing there.

Lucky for us, Korean manufacturer Prinker has a solution for us who are wary of getting pricked or having a permanent tattoo. They’ve created their product namesake that can print any tattoo design on your skin.

Get inked

The Prinker is a handy device that you swipe on your skin to print out the tattoo. You can fit two ink cartridges into it. The ink, which is made with FDA and CPNP-certified cosmetic materials, comes in black and colored ones.

Aside from the Prinker device and the ink, the package also includes a bottle of primer. The primer, like the ink, is also made with cosmetic materials. Just like a normal primer, it will help the ink stay when you spray it on your skin before printing the tattoo. It also enhances the tattoo when you spray after printing.

To choose the design, you’ll need to create an account on the Prinker’s online platform. Here you can find designs from other artists or even make your own. Subscription plans vary from free to $9.90. You’ll also want to download their app available on Android to connect easily with your printing device. For those with Apple products, don’t worry; an iOS version is also in the works.

The best thing about the Prinker is that the temporary tattoo will last for at least 2 days. While it may be waterproof, you can easily take it off with make-up remover. If you’re anything like me, you can buy the device starting at $269 for one with the black cartridge only.

YouTube: Prinker: Make Your Own Temp Tattoos

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