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Presize.ai: Shopping Online For Clothes With The Right Fit

One of the hassles of online shopping for clothes is not having that opportunity to try if the clothes will fit. More often than not, we end up getting a size too small or too big whenever we splurge on clothes we see online. This leads us to return the item in exchange for a different size or simply giving it away. This is an inconvenience to both the buyer and the company as it wastes money, resources, and time.

The culprit for this problem is that different brands have different sizing standards. In fact, the sizing standards between brands may differ in varying degrees that a person can fit into a size small for one brand but may need a size large in another brand. Another factor is that consumers most of the time don’t even bother looking into the sizing chart as they are not sure of their true measurements.

Thankfully, there’s an app like Presize.ai that is built on the idea to help you choose the best fit for the clothes you buy online. This Munich start-up closed a 6-figure pre-seed round with Plug and Play to grow the team and build upon the product.


Solution for all sizes

Presize.ai uses a Deep Learning function which creates a 3D human body model to match into their partner company’s database of sizing charts, fits, and sewing patterns. It works with any shop that has the app integrated.

The Presize.ai app allows shoppers to scan their bodies to get the best size recommendations. The scanning works even with tight-fitting clothes on, so no need to get naked.

On the brand’s website, the user will see a button to help them find their size that would direct the user to Presize.ai’s mobile app. It will ask for some information like their age, fit preference, gender, height, and weight. After this, the user will need to use their phone camera and do a 360-turn to scan themselves. In turn, the shop’s website will provide the user an accurate size recommendation not just for the item they’re eyeing, but for most products on the website.

If you’re worried about privacy, no need to panic. Presize.ai attaches an anonymous ID to each user so that personal information will not be stored and the user’s face will be blurred out when taking the video scan. Once measurement extraction is done, the video will be deleted immediately. The only information saved in their system would be the ID and the measurements.

With most retail brands switching their focus on e-commerce, Presize.ai would definitely lessen the chances of having those unnecessary returns. This makes shopping online more fun and convenient for everyone.

Photo credits: The feature image used has been taken by Brooke Cagle.

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