PodCase Provides Juice for Your iPhone and AirPods


Nova Technology brings you the PodCase. An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case with an external battery and a port to place your AirPods, where they are also charged up. The product ships with a USB-C charging cable.
The Nova Technology team consists of Allan Evans (co-founder of Avegant), Eric Migicovsky (founder of Pebble Technology, and Steve Johns (industrial designed at Pebble Technology). They are based out of California but will be working from Hong Kong and Shenzhen now to plan the move of their manufacturing processing to Asia for building the PodCase.

What’s good about the PodCase?

Some people might complain about the likelihood of losing their Apple AirPods or damaging them as they tumble around wildly in one’s bag. If you’re using the PodCase by Nova Technology, you not only get a battery pack in the form of a protective iPhone case but a place to safely store your AirPods as well.
More than just storing your tiny ear pieces, the PodCase will also use its battery to charge your AirPods for up to 40 times. That would mean up to 200 hours of music listening time or a little more than 8 days of continuous playback.
PodCase_on_table_with_purse lying gadget iphone startup charging battery airpod charger black design new product

Any downside to it?

Nova Technology currently plans to offer the PodCase for a retail price of about $99. While the concept is interesting, this pricing just seems a little over the top for a bulky case that gives you only 2500 mAh and stores your AirPod with a charging function.
You’ll have to decide for yourself if that’s worth the money for you. If you’re interested in getting an early version of the PodCase for a little less money, you can now back their Kickstarter project with $79 until October 7, 2017. The estimated delivery date of those items will be February 2018.

Your thoughts about it?

What do you think about the PodCase for the iPhone and the AirPods? Let us know below in the comment section!

YouTube: PodCase Kickstarter Video

Photo credit: Nova Technology

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