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Ludicase: The Fidget Case for Your iPhone

I’m sure that there’s at least one person you know who has resorted to sometimes biting their nails or scratching the sides of their fingers whenever they’re feeling anxious. Fidget spinners have been around since the early 90s as a stress reliever and have made a big comeback a few years back. Currently, there are fun variations of it like the colorful fidget cube, which makes the gadget all the more appealing and fun. Now, a new adaptation to the spinner has been made to fit your iPhone: the Ludicase.

The Design

While fidget spinners and cubes have their uses on relieving stress, they are often forgotten at home especially when one is in a hurry. However, Ludicase combines our need for our daily need for phones and de-stress gadgets in one.

The Ludicase markets itself as an interactive shell-case that has four distinct features at the back that could help relieve anxiety: the Click Brothers at the top right, the Touch Field filling almost half of the bottom, the Slippery Spheres at the bottom left corner, and the Rocket Spinner at the middle of it all. The features are unique from their basic feel to their actual function to help keep anxiety at bay.

The Click Brothers are three buttons that “click” every time you press them. The Touch Field is a textured silicone surface that could also help with phone grip. The Slippery Spheres are three tiny spheres you can slide your fingers onto. Finally, the Rocket Spinner is the main attraction that lets you spin your phone on a table in dizzying speeds.

The case itself is a 13-millimeter polycarbonate shell with soft-touch materials that offer fair protection for your phone just in case it hits the floor. It currently has two collections, with each having three color schemes: Pop and Edition.

The Playground

The case does not only work as a stress-reliever or a fun novelty item; it has a dedicated iOS app – Ludicase Playground – where you can use the Rocket Spinner in a game with your friends.

The app has three games: Furious and Spin to see who can spin the longest, Fast and Spin to see who can reach the number of rotations first, and Arrow and Spin to play a classic spin-the-bottle game.

The Ludicase is a fun take on a phone case while helping relieve anxiety, and it’s available for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

LUDICASE – The coolest case ever designed!

Photo credit: All used images are owned by Ludicase.
Source: Ludicase / Elie Abitbol (Indiegogo) / YouTube (as linked)

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