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Augment Your Mood with the Pium Smart Perfume Dispenser

The smart home is slowly advancing into more and more households. You can set your lights in scenes or play music to match your mood and activity. So what’s the next step? Enter Pium and their connected scent platform.

The next level of home fragrances

Before I say anything else – true, a smart perfume dispenser that connects with other devices and the Internet is not vital for humans to survive. But then, on another level, we have technology to make our lives more pleasant. To ease work we have to do or to gain more joy from our days.

Pium Smart Smell Fragrance Perfume IoT Home Difuser Dispenser Alexa iOS Device Startup Starter Kit

This is were Pium strikes the market. No matter if you’re programming Pium to run autonomously or if you voice-trigger it through your Alexa-enabled devices, you do this to enjoy the fragrances in your personal space and home. Pium claims that 75% of our emotions are affected by smell and if I can somehow leverage that to feel better, why should I not at least try that sort of augmentation?

Who is Pium and who supports them?

Pium is a startup that was founded in New York, in 2016. After ramping up their prototypes and getting the word out about what they do, they were selected by the Samsung Mobile incubator (C.LAB) in 2016 and Techstars Comcast accelerator (LIFT Labs) in 2018.

On their webshop, they offer various products but if you’re looking to start using Pium, you should check out their starter kit, which is currently sold for $189.60. Funnily enough, this is exactly the same pricing as the starter kit by rival Moodo.

The Pium starter kit consists of the smart diffuser as well as three fragrance cartridges. You’ll get “Morning” (lemon, mint, ylang-ylang, musk, and sandalwood) as well as “Afternoon” (lemon, green leaf, eucalyptus, rosemary, and musk) and “Night” (mint, lavender, jasmine, rose, white musk, and patchouli).

YouTube: Pium smart diffuser pumps out the optimal fragrance for different times of day (by Dezeen)

Photo credit: All images used were provided to us as part of a press kit and are owned by Pium.

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