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Passbase: Providing a Secure Platform for ID Verification

The global lockdowns have made the year 2021 a launchpad for more reformative identity verification services and platforms to be considered. Some companies are taking a different approach from the usual like TypingDNA that makes use of keystroke dynamics as biometrics for user authentication.

Identity verification is also becoming an important asset for companies and governments. As work-from-home seems to be the future of a part of our work culture, organizations will be mandated to provide utmost protection to digital identities and curb issues such as money laundering. As a response to this, Passbase provides a solution that can combine ID checks, biometrics, zero-knowledge proofs, and user consent in one platform.

Secure verification platform

Co-founder of Passbase Mathias Klenk shared that, “Businesses will always need to identify their users, but with Passbase they can do that in a seamless, privacy-preserving way.” This cybersecurity startup allows developers to integrate on iOS, Android, and the web. “We believe this is the first step towards giving people back control over their personal information online,” added Klenk.

Passbase designs its products to be user-centric, privacy-oriented, and developer-friendly. Their products are easily customizable and offer a wholesome identity verification experience. This cross-platform software’s services include facial recognition, automated ID checks, and AML compliance. It also allows companies to verify users in over 190 countries without having to store their data.

Currently, the company is being funded by Cowboy Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Seedcamp, and many others. Sia Houchangnia of Seedcamp expressed their confidence with Passbase’s team, seeing that “with all the recent privacy-related scandals, the timing is right for a decentralized approach to the problem which puts people in control of their most sensitive data.”

Passbase offers companies a simple and secure platform to verify their user base. The solution is available in three packages: Startup, Growth, and Enterprise Control. The Startup pack is available at $83 per month while the Growth pack costs $249 per month. As for the Enterprise Control pack, companies will have to book a demo first.

YouTube: Identity Verification for iOS, Web and Android | Passbase

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