Papr Watch Is Your New Wearable Made of Paper (Kind Of)


Looking for a fashionable alternative to the expensive smartwatches of major companies? Paprcuts is a startup company, founded 2012, in Berlin, with a focus on utilizing paper-based components for the accessories and gadgets they sell. They supply you with a lot of fresh designs as well.

The Paprcuts team is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to promote and sell their latest product. Just to manage the expectations properly, the Papr Watch (stylized as PAPR WATCH) is not a smartwatch and can’t connect to your mobile devices. The Papr Watch is, however, an innovative product which allows for a lot of fashion and styling options at a relatively low cost.

Afraid your Papr Watch will just fall apart?

Don’t worry they aren’t using common paper for their products of course. They are using Tyvek, which is a flash-spun nonwoven HDPE fiber. The products made of this material are as light as paper but they are a lot more durable and have no issues being exposed to liquids.

Waterproof Papr Watch

How does it work?

The actual clock inside is a tiny LED display that projects the time onto the paper-like material like a canvas from inside. The Papr Watch is closed using a magnetic system. This should allow for a reasonable size flexibility. The battery inside is good for about two years and can be exchanged by yourself when it runs dry.

Paprcuts also clearly indicates that the Papr Watch “doesn’t like bright sunshine”, hence it might be difficult to read the time when you’re outside, especially in more sunny regions. Many people seem to don’t mind that but it’s worth highlighting this particular aspect.

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Design options

As of now, Paprcuts is offering the Papr Watch in 35 different styles to go with all kinds of outfits. If you’re feeling like a retro gaming geek, go for the Game Boy style. If you’re feeling like having a vacation in Hawaii, grab the paradise style.

All those designs are grouped into the categories: retro, geometric, black and white patterns, animals, maritime, elemental, fancy dark, and tropical. Some of the designs even match with other accessories you can buy in the Paprcuts web shop. Depending on how well the crowdfunding goes, they might offer even more styles.

Pricing and initial reception

Even though the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is still going on for a few more days, many bundles are already sold out. The planned retail price of a Papr Watch is planned to be €35 (or about $38).

The project went from zero to fully-funded in only eight hours. As of now, the project is supported by more than 1333 backers, who all can’t wait to get their Papr Watches. Shipping is planned to happen around July/August 2017.

Update August-2 2017: Lisa Lange from Paprcuts reached out to us with a notice about a restraining order which they have received, which states that they are not allowed to use the name “Papr Watch” for their product. They will proceed to market their solution as “The Paprcuts Watch”.

liangpupuStory pitched by news scout Pupu Liang.

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Photo credit: Paprcuts

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