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Panasonic Partners with VITRA to Create Conceptual Display

Panasonic has partnered with Swiss furniture brand VITRA to create a conceptual OLED screen called Vitrine, a transparent OLED screen that resembles a glass cabinet. The Vitrine’s design is a collaboration between Panasonic Design Kyoto and Scandinavian designer Daniel Rybakken.

The product is made of a wooden frame that holds what seems to be a glass panel. While it can naturally blend in with any contemporary living space when not in use, its main attraction is when it turns into a bright OLED display the moment the device is turned on.

Art in design

At first, the Vitrine looks like a clear glass cabinet with a sleek, inch-thick wooden base. Photographs and ornaments can be seen when they are mounted behind the glass. However, once the product is switched on, it magically displays content much like a regular OLED TV, with the objects behind it completely obscured.

The Vitrine has a wooden frame that cleverly hides the inner workings of the display. The frame has a lighting and ambient element that is housed directly and unobtrusively into the wooden frame.

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Panasonic has been exhibiting transparent OLED display designs for a couple of years now. However, there is no word yet as to when Panasonic would create a prototype for mass production to be available in the future.

In the meantime, Panasonic has mentioned that they are constantly analyzing product feedback and looking at market demands. As such, there is also no news on the date of pricing or availability for this product. In the meantime, perhaps we can dream of one day having a television screen that is fully integrated into our homes as a piece of artwork for us to enjoy even when it’s turned off. In any case, it is an interesting conceptual piece that is fit for contemporary living.

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