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Orion Lee: ‘The Expert’ Is Back with 3 New Sketches [Video]

Many of you have seen the comedy sketch about “the expert” before, starring Orion Lee facing the struggles of a grim and uncompromising business world. Most of us loved that one and shared them with our peers. I did that too. What a performance! 🙂

After projects like Star Wars: The Last Jedi (WHAT?!? I know, right?…) Orion Lee now did a couple of more “expert” sketches, finding himself as IT Support person next to other roles, spread across three great episodes. Also thanks to Lauris Beinerts for creating these sketches.

YouTube: The Expert – Wrong Angle (Short Comedy Sketch)

YouTube: The Expert – IT Support (Short Comedy Sketch)

YouTube: The Expert – Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

Photo credit: The feature image is a still of the video and is owned by Lauris Beinerts.

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